Three new wrestlers added to the International Combat Sports roster

Over the past 2 weeks, we have been hitting independent shows scouting out new talent to round out our roster.

First, we would like to welcome Dark Kloudz member Deget Bundlez, hailing from Niagara Falls NY.

Deget Bundlez


Secondly, we have signed Jonny Magnum and Christian Kobain. Both men are impressive in singles competition, as well as working together as the tag team MK Ultra.

Jonny Magnum


Christian Kobain


Jonny Magnum and Christian Kobain are scheduled to debut at “International Combat Sports – 2” on June 9th at The Dunbar Rec Center in Dunbar WV and Deget Bundlez is set to debut at “International Combat Sports – 3” on August 4th at the Action Sports Complex in Saint Albans WV.

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