Title History

Number Wrestler Date Days Held Event Notes
8 Huffmanly 11/29/2019 Ongoing International Combat Sports 12: Black Friday Bedlam (Dunbar, WV)
7 Kirk Blackman 8/17/2019 104 International Combat Sports 9: INFERNO (Dunbar, WV) The title was won in a “survival of the fittest” match.
6 Kevin Tyler 2/23/2019 175 International Combat Sports 6: Combat Cup 2019 (Dunbar, WV) The title was won in an 8 man single elimination tournament. Kevin Tyler defeated Kirk Blackman, Draven Lee, and Beastman to become the new champion.
5 Eric Darkstorm 5/12/2018 210 International Combat Sports 1: Grand Championship Tournament (Dunbar, WV) Eric Darkstorm defeated Kongo Kong and Mr. Grim to become the first ICS Grand Champion | Vacated on 12/8/2018 due to Eric Darkstorm becoming the AIWF World Heavyweight Champion.
VACANT 11/11/2017 Real Shoot Pro Wrestling – Live Event (Fairmont, WV) AIWF representative BJ Mayle stripped TJ Phillips of the SCW Openweight Championship after the purchase and absorption of the company by International Combat Sports | The title is officially renamed the ICS Grand Championship.
4 TJ Phillips 06/03/2016 527 Savage Championship Wrestling – New Beginnings (Marmet, WV)  
3 Matt Garretson 02/19/2016 105 Savage Championship Wrestling – Maximum Overdrive (Marmet, WV)  
2 Smokey C 10/16/2015 126 Savage Championship Wrestling – IT’S OVER 9000!!! (Marmet, WV) No disqualification match
1 Keith Haught 06/05/2015 133 Savage Championship Wrestling – Full Contact (Marmet, WV) Keith Haught defeated Smokey C in a 2 out of 3 falls match to become the first Savage Championship Wrestling Openweight Champion